Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a JANAKEEYA BRAND we are obliged to give back to the people of Kasargod and our society. We take much care in upholding the interests of our customers, not just in business but rather for the needy people too. Over the years, flexing our CSR activities for different causes has helped us in reinstating ourselves as a People’s Brand.

Lending a Helping Hand

In 2018, Kerala had witnessed the most devastating flood of its time as a result of the unusual heavy rainfall it received during the monsoon season. For City Gold, it was scrupulous for us to ensure not a single person is deprived of basic facilities or needs at any point in the hard times. As a result, we provided with every relief packages like food supplies and dress materials.

Every year the company sponsors the wedding of one couple from a less fortunate background. So far, we have organised weddings of 10 such couples each in 2003, 2007, 2012, and 2016. As a part of our two decades journey, we orchestrated a grand mass wedding of 10 couples with more than 5000 guests attending the occasion. The Chairman and the team of City Gold relentlessly work towards developing more Janakeeya growth in and around Kasargod.

CGD believes that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. Wherefore, we shouldered various motivational training camps and development classes for students. City Gold has conducted a kids program wherein young ones were informed the value of protecting the environment and its inhabitants. It was fun and engaging for children as it held much knowledge and facts they could learn beyond their classrooms.

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In recent times, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company supplied fruits and food packets to the Kasargod General Hospital. In addition to that, we also provided ‘Ousadha Kanji’ to infected patients at the hospital.

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