Unveil the Untold Story of Crystals

Swarovski is a magical piece of sparkling born out of the dream of Daniel Swarovski to create "a diamond for everyone”. It is the intricate form of artwork that features the untold stories of crystals. The creation of every Swarovski jewel always begins with the meditation of carving finest crystals in the world into mesmerising shapes. Conventional or classic, romantic or edgy, subtle or extravagant, Swarovski crystals are radiant, pure and sophisticated as always.
With its myriad of colors, shapes and effects, Swarovski jewels outshine the world of crystals for the past 125 years. They have churned out crystals in every imaginable shape and impart refined glamour to everything they embellish 

Swarovski Crystals Since 1895 
Swarovski jewellery is not just an ornament, but a feeling, an emotion, and a connection that has a long held tradition of a century and more. Swarovski is the fruit of boundless passion for innovation and long legacy of craftsmanship of its founder Daniel Swarovski. This Austrian jewellery Brand redefined the world of crystals holding on to the traditional values and visions of its founder since 1895. They have withstood the test of time with innovation, creativity, and mastery in craftsmanship by pushing the boundaries of crystals.

Are They Real Crystals?
Swarovski crystals are not actual crystals, but glass sparkles sculpted under a patented process. The making of every Swarovski crystal adornments undergoes acute precision and perfection. The process and raw materials for remodeling of glasses into diamond-like crystals remain secret. Besides its coveted cutting techniques, Swarovski has developed unique metallic chemical coatings to add special features to the crystals. Unlike the true crystals, Swarovski has higher refraction index that makes it identical to diamonds.

Diamond of The Future
"Swarovski created diamonds are the marriage of art and science, with a touch of magical realism, a true celebration of human ingenuity and creativity." Swarovski Crystals are the next generation diamonds, created by rewriting the laws of nature with technology. They have close resemblance with diamonds and are mostly referred as Simulated or Imitation Diamond. They are called as Swarovski Zirconia. It is a hardest, heat resistant crystal particle that refracts light and reflects fire of the purest diamonds. The finest materials and superior technique for the cutting and polishing of faceted lead glass makes it a man-made diamond. As an alternative to diamond, Swarovski crystal is the best option. When compared to diamond, they are cheaper and more affordable to everyone despite being the high end brand. With brilliant sparkling and constant clarity, Swarovski crystals last for a lifetime.

More to the Crystal World
Each piece of Swarovski crystal is unique and mesmerising, and a gateway to the unexplored world of crystals. Swarovski stands for more than crystals. They produce jewelleries, watches, figurines, decorative objects and more. Evolved out of a passion for deep detailing and enormous precision cutting, these precious crystals adorn you and your surroundings with endless sparkling.

Care your Crystal
Swarovski Jewellery is one of the most delicate and exquisite form of crystal which must be treated with intense care. They should be kept from any physical damage, from harsh sunlight, chemicals and water, and clean it with a damp cloth carefully and frequently. Care your crystal more to last a lifetime.