Embellished with utmost charm and grandeur, the City Gold’s collection of gold jewellery is for people from all walks of life. Gold, an exquisite choice for beauty, never gets reduced of its value, instead plays an asset for the future. Priced for its beauty and versatility, gold is imagined to represent the Sun in many cultures. Indian jewellery is popular around the world because it is so unique that the degree of intricacy and the professional craftsmanship it features is unmatchable. The reason? Much of the gold jewellery made in India is handmade. Not just as a valuable possession, Gold plays a significant role from wearing it every day to gifting it on special occasions. It is considered a quintessential beauty in weddings and is incomplete without the radiance of Gold. We present a wide variety of gold jewellery collections meant to serve the beauty for your moments. Add some glamour to your attitude from our best collections.