Lending a hand to rise above the disaster - Kerala flood 2018

‘Flood of 99’ Kerala had stories of the disastrous flood, passed from generation to generation until it happened again in 2018 more devastatingly. And the story changed from then and the memories of flood of 1924 fled into memories and this time it happened way more serious as witnessing a policeman trying to win over the following flood of vigorous water with a baby through a bridge which was eaten by the water later.
The catastrophic flood caused severe harm in God’s own country along with damages to properties and lives. This was the biggest tragedy the state faced in a decade. As Kerala struggled in those hard times City Gold Group extended our helping hand to the people who were suffering. As a corporate, expeditiously, City Gold reached out to the needful people at the right time. We were scrupulous that not a single person is deprived of basic facilities or needs at any point in the struggling times. Our team was in regular contact with volunteers and local people to provide as much as help we can in the hour of need. City Gold Group deployed a full-fledged team to provide relief and rehabilitation across the affected areas of Kerala, mainly Kochi, Alappuzha, and Kottayam. It's our fundamental duty to help brothers in need, and City Gold wholeheartedly went towards lending helping hands to Tamil Nadu in times of distress. We distributed water, the basic human need to various districts of Tamil Nadu when they were in a dire situation to quench their thirst. Our team supplied relief packages like food items and dress materials to hospitals and relief camps where affected people were stationed. CGD stood along with the people during this time and worked day and night to help them survive. Despite struggling with this unfortunate disaster our homeland has survived and managed to bring back a normal life. Humanity beyond caste, colour, and creed made the state stand strong in this threatening situation But the root cause of this natural disaster originated as the result of human interventions. Deforestation, mining, encroachment, etc have triggered the flood and landslides. Unless and until we ensure environmental conservation measures, we won't be able to root out further natural disasters. As the residents of this planet, it's our responsibility to conserve and preserve our mother nature for the survival of humankind and other living beings.