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As part of living up to our name of being a ‘Janakeeya’ brand, City Gold & Diamonds introduces CG Permanent Future Asset [CGPFA], a monthly online gold investment plan to help secure your future. Turn investing in gold into a savings habit. Join CGPFA for an assured bright and better tomorrow. Often while buying gold, it can make a dent in your pocket. Depositing a small or big amount each month in our CGPFA plans, however, empowers you to make the desired purchase at your convenience. By investing in gold through CGPFA each month, your investment value will only increase, as unlike most other assets, gold is not susceptible to the same causes of depreciation.
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CGPFA plans are customer centric and there are no hidden charges or processing fees. Through our CGPFA online investment plan, we hope to encourage our customers to inculcate a savings habit. At the end, not only will you be receiving maximum returns on your investment, but are also assured of a truly bright and secure tomorrow. Because PFA is a safe and secure investment solution and Gold is an Assurance of a Permanent Future Asset.


You can join PFA by either contacting us at any of our showrooms or by sending us a WhatsApp message to 9104805805. You can also log into our website and select the perfect plan for you. Our plans are customer friendly, flexible and easy to comprehend. Choose any of our monthly plans and deposit the fixed amount every month for the said tenure. At the end of the period, you can buy your choice of jewellery at a value that is equivalent to the total money deposited, including a bonus amount.


Gold shines as an investment for several reasons. Not only is it an asset as it remains stable amidst inflations, stock market crashes, social instability. But it is also a tool to help tide over financial emergencies. In short, CG PFA is a perfect solution for your future money needs.


1 How CG PFA Works

We have three plans: six months, nine months and 11 months. You can choose any of these plans according to your budget or requirement. Minimum payment Rs.5,000/- and maximum Rs.1, 00,000/-

2 What PFA Offers

Those with a monthly payment of upto Rs.20, 000 will receive a 100%* bonus and those paying above Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 1, 00,000 are eligible for a 35%* maturity bonus (11 months plan) and 20%* maturity bonus (6 or 9 months plan). For PFA assistance dial 9104 805 805 or login into citygoldgroups.com *T&C applicable

3 Redeem to Shop

Simply use your accumulated amount
to make your purchase online and offline.

scheme calculator

Eleven Circle Diamond jewellery
Eleven Circle gold jewellery
₹ 1,00,000
5,000 5,000
  • Amount Paid
  • Additional Bonus
Note :"This pie chart is for representational purpose , actual value may vary, kindly Refer terms and conditions."

11 months Scheme

Amount Paid:
Additional Bonus: (100% of 1st Installment) (100% of 1st Installment)
5,000 5,000
Total Amount:
6 months Scheme
Amount Paid:
Additional Bonus: (50% of 1st Installment) (50% of 1st Installment)
Total Amount:


The minimum enrollment fees starts at Rs.5, 000, the maximum being Rs. 1, 00,000.

No, the enrollment fee will not be refunded. However, in case of pre-closure or failed payment, the enrollment fee will be deducted from the total amount.

The accumulated amount can be spent on cart value and not just a single piece of jewellery. If the jewellery selected is higher than the accumulated amount, the customer will need to pay the excess in order to make the purchase. In case the product value is lower the amount cannot be redeemed. The cart value needs to be either equivalent or higher.

Yes current offers and voucher if any can be clubbed at the time of purchase.

For 6 month schemes purchase must be made in the 7th month, i.e. after the completion of 180 days from the day of enrollment. For 9 months plan purchase must be made in the 10th month, i.e. after the completion of 270 days from the day of enrollment. In case of 11 month schemes purchase must be made in the 12th month, i.e. after the completion of 330 days from the day of enrollment

No, the gold rate will not be fixed at the time of purchase, the gold rate on the day of purchase will be applied.

In case of a pre-closure, the amount accumulated till that day can be used to purchase jewellery or will be returned to the customer in the form of a voucher, the purchase will have to then be made as per the time limit stated in the voucher. The enrollment fees will be deducted in such a case. The customer will not be liable to receive a bonus either.

Yes, you will be receiving a notification on email and SMS after each payment made, from CG PFA apart from the notifications you may receive from the bank.

No, you will have to select the jewellery before making the purchase after the completion of your scheme.

As there is a lock in period of 6 months, you cannot opt out of the scheme before the completion of 6 months.You can opt out of an 11 month scheme after the completion of 6 months, but you cannot opt in for an 11 month scheme if you have enrolled for a 6 month scheme.

Your accumulated amount will reflect in your account that you will have to create with CG PFA before enrolling. You will be getting an option on the payment page to select the same from the payment options before completing a purchase where you can redeem the amount.

Yes, it is mandatory to use the entire balance for your purchase. However, you have the option to use it for your cart value and not necessarily on one product alone. The cart value should be equivalent or higher than the redeemable amount.

In case of a failed payment where the amount has been deducted from your bank account but has not reached us, you would have to reach out to us at support@citygoldgroups.com or whtsapp the same @ 9104 805 805 and report the issue.

Terms & Conditions

    • You have enrolled in the CG PFA GOLD Purchase Plan. You may opt for any amount as per your convenience for enrolling into the CG PFA Purchase Plan, subject to a minimum amount of Rs 5000/-.
    • For the 1st installment, you only need to pay 40% or 70% of the amount opted for by you depending on the Plan you enroll in. The subsequent installments (2nd installment to the 6th, 9th or 11th installment) should be for the full amount.
    • Gold Coins/Bars/Frames Cannot be purchased under this Scheme.
    • The monthly installment cannot be carried over or paid in advance.
    • You can pay the monthly installments in any of the CG showrooms in India, OR Online at xxxxxxxxxxxxx One compulsory payment in every month is to be made for 6, 9 or 11 months. Once you joined the CG PFA all the monthly Installments should be paid on or before 15th of each month
    • Non defaulter will be benefited more on the maturity period of your selected CG PFA Purchase Plan
    • Installments can be made by cash/DD/local cheques/post-dated cheques/at par cheques/electronic clearing service and online. Out-station cheques will not be accepted. You can give PDC for the entire period for your convenience.
    • GST/ VAT, excise duty and any other government levies will have to be borne by you at the time of purchase. You have to compulsorily purchase jewellery after payment of 6th, 9th or 11th Installment but prior to completion of 365 days from payment of 1st installment Pre Closure: The scheme cannot be pre-closed within the first 90 days from date of enrollment. In the event you opt to close the scheme prior to the completion of the period , you may purchase jewellery for the amount paid by you.
    • If the scheme is not closed by you within 365 days, it will be dealt with as follows:

      1.A Voucher will be generated for the value of the amount paid by you. This voucher will be communicated by SMS to you.

      2.Gold Rate Prevailing at the time of purchase will be applicable.

      3.Proof of ID is required at the time of joining CG PFA (Passport / PAN Card / Aadhar / Driver’s License / Voter ID).

    • CG PFA Membership will be eligible for the following offers:

      a. Bonus at 35% of opted amount on Gold Jewellery upon minimum purchase of 11 times the opted amount.

      b. Bonus at 20% of opted amount on Gold Jewellery upon minimum purchase of 6 or 9 times the opted amount.


      c. Bonus at 100% of opted amount on Diamond, Uncut Diamond, Polki & Precious stone Studded Jewellery upon minimum purchase of 11 times the opted amount.

      d. Bonus at 50% of opted amount on Diamond, Uncut Diamond, Polki & Precious stone Studded Jewellery upon minimum purchase of 6 or 9 times the opted amount.

    • This membership to CG PFA is not transferable to any other person. Your name & mobile phone number are uniquely identified with your membership to CG PFA Purchase Plan. At the time of availing the benefit, a unique One Time Password will be sent to your mobile phone. This password must be communicated to our billing staff in order to complete the process of availing the benefit.
    • If your mobile number is incorrectly updated, you will not be able to avail the benefits. Editing of any customer information like Date of Birth / Anniversary is not permitted. Change of name is not permitted. You can modify your mobile number by calling our customer care 1800 xxxxx. We will need 15 days to verify and update the new mobile number. You will not be able to exercise any benefits in the interim period.
    • The scheme is applicable only in India. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of courts in Kasaragod, Kerala. City Gold & Diamonds reserves the right to alter / amend / add or delete part or whole of the privileges of the schemes without prior notice to customer.
    • This Scheme cannot be renewed nor extended after the selected period. Any unavailed benefits will lapse at the end of 365 days from date of joining membership.

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